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  1. Amaizing video dude i love it xd P.S. do you mind checking my channel and giving me honest feedback? im trying really hard and any feedback would be nice ^_^ and you will get a cookie

  2. Awesome video bro! you definetly deserve more attention 😛 do you mind checking my channel and giving me honest feedback please and i will give you cookie ?

  3. We played em tough for a half and then we self destructed. Our special teams wasn't so special either. Patrick ain't cutting it out. We need to start Cam Akers. Hopefully Blackman is ready because we've got a big one two weeks from now. Ugh

  4. Was worse than the score shows… Bama whipped that a$$. FSU can't hang with those guys for 4 quarters let's just be honest. FSU habitually overrated. They're a good team but not elite… even the team that won the NC wasn't very good. They were just lucky and the beneficiary of circumstance that year getting destroyed by a way overrated Auburn team that shouldnt even have been in that game. Auburn let off the gas or that would have been the biggest blowout in NC history. These guys are just like Georgia, USC, Notre Dame… always overrated and good for 1-3 head scratching loses every single year.

  5. I'm laughing right now at the people who thought FSU would win 😂 FSU is so overrated, they got crushed, and yet people are still making excuses

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