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  1. The positives from the game are, the Passing Unit looked the best in years. The Blocked Kicks. Some Defensive plays. That's about all.

  2. Texas fans are delusional. They think Texas is a national brand.. LOL that is fucking hilarious. ND and Ohio State and Michigan are the biggest brands in CFB. Whatever doesn't matter I hope Oklahoma joins the ACC and leaves Texas in the Texas Conference of losers. You assholes should have never fired Strong.

  3. No matter how much Texas pays to get new stuff and coaches its not gonna matter till they get a better defensive line and O line instead of going for these quarterbacks and receivers like plus the players need to get in the game and stay awake they always get caught sleeping and shit not paying attention or just flat out not giving it there all

  4. Haha stupid Texas big12 fans that ripped LeBron for leaving Ohio. Tom herrmitt is a quitter and a traitor. He quit on Houston and Ohio State and ran to Texas. He took the easy way out. Tom herrmitt isn't loyal.

    Tom herrmitt zero rings
    LeBron 3 rings

  5. Get that trash ass Texas QB Shane buchele out of there. I watched the game & I feel so ashamed of our QB. Our new head coach needed that win & if I was at the game I would've thrown fans on the field too.. awful display from that shitty QB

  6. I'm a Texan fan and we shouldn't have even been ranked in the 1st place but we ALWAYS lose to the teams we should beat but yet we can beat teams like Baylor and Oklahoma it makes no fucking sense

  7. TEXAS STRONG t-shirts.Let's support our People.


  8. This issue with Texas lies with Charlie Strong's 1st year as coach. He dropped 9 upper classman and had a very weak recruiting class that included like 6 players from one school in Florida. Now those mediocre players are Jrs and Srs and are starting (heavily situated in the OL and DL). Hopefully once those players are gone, Texas can work on rebuilding with better recruiting classes and essentially start over.

  9. When you look at the box score stats, ut only managed score 20 points on offensive side. Not really impressive for their new coach who's supposed to be an offensive-minded wizard. But hey, it's the first game of the season and I'm no ut fan!

  10. lol what's wrong with Texas? Next time be like Alabama or Auburn & schedule some damn near bankrupt school like Florida A&M or TexasMexico University. lol losing to the lower B1G 10 team is really embarrassing. Go Boise St.!

  11. Go Coogs! Big"12" is such a shit tier conference. Actually kinda glad they refused to expand last year. Is Turdman still kissing the players?

  12. The whole game was just a bunch of arm tackling. Same thing that happened last year. It's not that hard to see what the problem is.

  13. Maryland has been on the upswing since they fired Edsall. I like what I'm seeing from the offense…the QB is a legit playmaker.

  14. It always makes me 😀 when Texas loses, but this made me laugh all day long yesterday because it kept showing the final score at the bottom of the screen, and they lost to Maryland. And even though this season isn't gonna get 'em positive national recognition, they'll be back with a coach like Tom Herman. The University of Texas is just too loaded to NOT become a powerhouse again at some point.

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