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  1. The defense is awsome again, only faster…Credit Harbaugh for getting Speight settled down. Hope he used this game to get all the stupid shit out of his system. The defense won the game this timr…

  2. I"d bet fifty bucks that he has no idea what Michigan's capitol is. He's from NY, & he prolly thinks that NYC is that state's capitol. He's stupider than Bush & that's bring kind.

  3. Michigan hicks helped put The Idiot Trump in office – at least temporarily. Wonder how they'd like to see all-white football teams play for their schools.

  4. What a joke we lose to fuckin pussy ass michigan. Oh wait your whole team is from florida because michigan and people from michigan are fat pussies i mean yall all look like kid rock who is the ugliest mf on earth

  5. chase had been speed rushing to the outside all game and finally cut one underneath because the tackle had been cheating outside. of course if the QB had rolled left, there was no containment after he took the inside route…

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  7. Speight did bad. Isaac looked amazing. Evans looked alright. Our defense looked unstoppable…..take Speights 2 pick 6s away. Florida only has 3pts. Our defense held them under 200 yards. Nordin looked good I thought. Dude had to be tired ice that leg lol

  8. Go blue! Though I gotta say, Speights pulled this shit last year during the Ohio game when were fucking dominating them and completely ruined our momentum, he definitely has me concerned for those bigger games this season, even if this was just game 1.

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