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  1. both overrated teams, there are plenty of teams in 'weaker' conferences that could beat both of these teams and actually show a more fun and entertaining game. boring game.

  2. Say what you want but Alabama dominated that game in every aspect. Go ahead and blame it on FSU's poor special teams performance but guess what sweetheart, special teams is half the game. And yall wonder why Bama dominates year after year without star players..because were the only truly complete team..even with young players

  3. You never want to see a kid go down but when it comes down to it …Roll Tide baby… roll tide…. Bama sending an early message to everyone….BEWARE….THE TIDE IS COMING WITH VENGEANCE

  4. Ronnie Harrison of Bama, and a Tallahassee native who was not recruited by FSU, did a low very hard tackle and held onto our QB Francois leg, twisting up on it after they hit the turf causing the injury. After seeing he was hurt he jumped up and celebrated like he had just won the lottery. He should be ashamed for sure! Bama fans are in denial about this.

  5. SO Many people Hating on Bama and said they were gonna Lose…ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Our Defense held them to 1 TD, DON'T F with Bama, Bitches!!! ROLL TIDE!!!! xoxo

  6. ''''who the fuck chokes with 1 second left in the season??'''

    ….-Josh Rosen asking BAMAZ#1 aka, '''BAMMIE INBRED HILLBILLY BOY#1''' Bammie's SAT requirement question

  7. '''Bammie choked with 1 second left in the season?? I was fuckin' my lover ''Billie'' the family goat behind our trailer in our trailerpark'''
    ….-BAMAZ#1, aka, '''BAMMIE INBRED, HILLBILLY BOY#1''', with 2 seconds left in the Clemson game

  8. Alabamas defense is so deep and talented and they do the same thing every year. They run so many special packages the defense stays fresh and by the second half the opponents offensive line is worn out and starts making mistakes and turnovers. I mean when your defense and special teams can score touchdowns for you or set your offense up for an easy 7 every game Good things are going to happen! Was I the only one yelling for Saban to put in Tua?

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