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  1. Both teams are well coached the NFL usually have about 6 preseason games so they can fix leaks in their ships. I see both teams were tested here. I didn't like the referee calling pass interference twice in Narbonne end zone they looked like clean plays. Referee's fix this games out come is not good for high school sports. Narbonne offensive line could pass protect better as I never seen Narbonne pass receivers not have a big game credited to Polys pass defensive and pass rush. Narbonne standouts Running back a junior Jermar Jefferson N#1 in the Country his first game. QB Jalen Chatman, Rutgers, n#22 LB Raymond Scott USC, shit more than 11 players going to play D1bound should of beat Poly's standouts!

  2. is it just me or anyone else confused watching this? Why is it that everytime someone gets the ball they go towards the defender

  3. Low scoring game pretty good defenses on both sides!!! Especially narbonne because poly has one of the top qb in the nation and the #1 wr in the nation…

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