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  1. This video's Wolf Alice's answer to In Bloom but Ellie's image in this reminds me of Shirley Manson or Beth Gibbons. She's already up there with those singers

  2. It would be awesome to have all the footage where Ellie looks at the camera, yes. The entire time. 
    She is gorgeous in this video. Of course, the boys also are rocking it in their tailored suits!

    Definitely a beautifully unconventional video from Wolf Alice!

  3. watch you and your friends
    You stick out so sorely girl
    You grow up a poorly girl
    Girls who don't go out and play
    And you at your wit's end
    With your meaningless conversations
    Well I tell you they test my patience
    And maybe we could be friends

    As light as a feather while
    Grade A smart colour while
    She's now Heather while
    So I see you laugh together while

    Heather! She lives! She breathes!
    She's beautifully unconventional
    She seems to be
    From the best place in the world
    Must be the best place in the world

    Head way up in a storm cloud
    Calm but so extreme
    Did you ever analyse your dreams?
    You know, nothing is what it seems
    You're a walking contradiction
    Cute with such conviction
    But dark is a devil who walks
    And as loyal as a stalker who stalks

  4. Love this new song and the vid. Very retrograde and now. Wolf Alice are the band I been waiting for and never disappoint. Love all the other new stuff too. The band remind me of SATB. Joel could be Budgie, Theo, Severin, even Joff could be McGeoch/McKay, although Ellie is unique in her own way.

  5. Wow I never check trending but I did tonight and one of my favorite bands is on here. Already watched this 3 times as soon as it was released

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