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  1. She said an interview she owed to her fans for waiting for new music from her. So she said here you go for yall to enjoy and I sure am.#fergieontop

  2. I'm looking at the other videos and thinking she produced a bunch of techno rapper stuff then I hear this and go beautiful voice lovely lyrics, music to my ears

  3. most of her new songs sucks, this is the best one so far

    I didn't see "Save it til morning before I watched this"' Omg, it's so beautiful.
    Save it till morning is like big girls don't cry and it's just so fucking good.
    Fergie is back for real

  4. Illuminati! You know as soon as I saw the thumbnail I said to myself, "I bet this going to be some Illuminati shit as usual". Sure enough, I click the video, fast forward 30 seconds and all I hear is, "I was sleeping with a demon"………….

  5. am I the only one who is thinking fergie has been replaced with Illuminati clone it makes sense weird shit has been happing all though out 2017 and fergie has not aged like at all I mean yeah make up but something shady going on has and has been Britney spears, Taylor swift, Selena gomez, fergie, and a whole lot of other famous singers have all gone all crazy, struggled with personal stuff and shit and fergie was gone for what a couple of years same with Taylor and fergie is coming back to us out now were while a whole lot of illuminati stuff us going down I don't know seem shady to me I love fergie or the old fergie but I don't know like if you agree

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