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  1. Peter thanks for having me on, this was a lot of fun and of course it was a pleasure singing with you! You're the man – Ant

  2. That Pentatonix one was SPOT. ON. Ah I loved this whole video, but that one was so funny, and seemed like a lot of fun to film/ make. Also, the Skyrim one made me laugh.

  3. THAT WAS SO GOOD!!! I didn't even know I wanted this but wow was this a dream come true. It was so impressive and creative!!! Standing ovation.

  4. This… works surprisingly well as a country song. The same can be said about the Sinatra and EDM versions.

    Metal, Chant, and Skyrim made me laugh. As someone who spent all of high school in various choir groups, I appreciated the Eric Whitacre shoutout too. And of course, the PTX bit was FANTASTIC – you got the makeup/costuming/lighting/overall aesthetic of that just about perfect.

    But my favorite version, believe it or not, was the Opera one. I would freaking PAY to see/hear the entire song done that way. Like, it's simultaneously catchy and cultured, and I'm also a bit of a classical music/opera nerd, so… yeah. I just really, really liked that bit.

    (The whole thing is fantastic, though.)

  5. Hey Peter, how's the family? Also, it is hard to choose a winner. All I can say for certain is that the country part had me acting like a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure meme.

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