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  1. I can't do calculations of Pounds to KG in my head, maybe Jamie (The editor, I'm sorry if I got the name wrong) can do the conversions in the edit, instead of 10.000 Europeans having to do math while the listen to a video in their second language?

  2. I worked out for say two years a bit more every days before this in old ages I grow up build in times of age 23 I stop working reason smoking marijuana it was in brain create told me fuck it fuck work outs follow smoking I become poor worked heavy lifting in about five years hungry many times fired but in times works I truly not smoke just cigarettes then you can say I become more than build like machine steel body using until 4 years dangerous chemicals I still hungry only ate less but in during times of works at each days for three months in each days doing 150 pull ups and at same times doing more then other labour heavy moving construction at about more five places in different companies before I say nothing more mentally have never listened to anyone just doing same wrong harmful types of exercise without eating in hungry ways but father only one saved me I die for him now age 30 I have no fat I followed Dr for two years gives me side effects mediation or drups it was couse more dangerous problem that I know now disability not working never will in fifty years for how much hard works I done in government building old , new places my goals are now what types supplements can build more muscle for ups and downs parts of every truly I have bone muscle like car tire rubbers hard and no energies in life times I am believing washed spit poisons for three years still smoking plans to stop by following doing anything to gain more fucking shoulders more skin more of everything's just drinking milk in times to times I haven't drink in last three months no loves loneliest damaged knocked out took at beating until pass out then wake up run couple times but healed no pains just angar at laws of freedoms I win , lose an ideas I'm only used pre workout three times in each day in that three days my arms were had triple of powers 💪✌👊 for money most humans will fail I don't want to fail and following you truly thanks for videos God bless you , be friend are hard to fine in this types crazy world by times in next life are only way know the true an Angels are loves like promises peace be upon the names if true messenger have gift us the world i believe it hurts if doing mentally workouts it still have helped me but I wish I work out in righteous ways it because it create powers but laters problems on tops of the problems still doing wrong smile

  3. Depends on your age. As an older fellow I find that my joints need an extensive and gradual warmup before taking a few minutes break and then finally going heavy.

  4. Thanks Jeff. I've been doing it wrong. Signed up for your A-X1 program, just completed week one and you're kicking my 59 year old butt. And I like it. I find myself working neglected muscles on the rest days plowing through your youtube videos. I never get bored with repetition with you. I like the infinite choices within your paid programs for core too.

  5. You always say that you "wanna get your work done quickly" and plan around working out for an hour or so. But on the other hand you use the most specific exercises and 4 warmup sets each time. How does that work, how can you hit each muscle twice a week like that?

  6. you should do the warm-up only for the first exersice of your workout.
    After this you are going to be warmed up for the rest of the workout too

  7. THANK YOU for ALL the videos and taking the time out to teach us. I thought I knew it all and guess What? Hell No I don't!!! I'm constantly learning more from YOU and AthleanX. Thanks again!!!

  8. So my question is what if you're someone like me whos startin out and can only do 35 lbs for 10 reps on dumbbell press? Go down to like 5 lbs?

  9. the only thing I didn't do iz go over RM… before doing it. I liked starting with a warm up couple of sets before getting deep into the work out. nice info here man! keep blazin! makes a lot of sense

  10. This is a very good video-tip. Excellent.

    Can we omit the "what's up guys?" from the start of every video though? No-one is going to answer that question. It adds nothing, and is mildly annoying because every dam exercise-video seems to have it. Just leave it off.

  11. 'How to make bigger biceps,shoulders,etc.' over millions views… Warm up under 200k… And you'll cry in a few years time that I got injured,I can't train… This guy is a HERO!! Telling you,us the good things for free… 👍👍👍

  12. are you doing more than 1 set at your 10rm? also do you do these warm up sets with every exercise you do?
    Seems like its going against the idea of keeping your workouts to around 45min to 1hr because you would be spending so much time with 1 exercise alone.
    is this mainly for building strength?

  13. Jeff need to refresh this upload, some how it just have 169k views, and its not fair, cuz is one of the most important bases for training for me.

  14. Very helpful. I saw this technique on a different channel. That dude didn't explain what he was doing, so I didn't know about reps and %, but I used it with bench presses. I saw the results immediately, it was much easier for me to bench 160 after 200. Plus it feels like a little strength development routine if you do 2-3 sets with higher weight (if you have time off-course)

  15. nice! I thought I was a weirdo cuz I always warmup with heavier weight than what I lift with. I do this to get past the mental block and it allows me to train harder.

  16. i believe warm ups should be bodyweight exercises like pull ups and push ups because in warm ups we should target the whole body including core to be working instead of an isolated muscle group so please warm up with those exercises wich includes large muscle groups and train yourself as an athlete. i follows jeff most off the time but for this video sorry for thumps down!

  17. Hell yeah man! It's shit like this, why I signed up. And with your program, I think I'm gonna have the 6 pack by day 60! Thanks ahead of time!

  18. great video. I used your advice, and definitely feel better on my lifts. sometimes I do your total body circuit workouts though, and I'm less Confident in my warm-up for those. I usually jog or if I'm at the gym bike or row machine. any advice or a video for this would be awesome. You rule Jeff, you're the biggest help to keeping me fit after college ball. Thanks!

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