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  1. This is probably going to get buried in the comments but I hope Jeff sees it and gives his opinion.

    Jeff, my fitness instructor has another version of this exercise. Start by curling both arms to the top. Then do an eccentric with one arm while keeping the other one flexed. Next, curl the extended arm up again and do the same thing with the other one. By doing the exercise this way we keep the tension in the biceps at all times, as one arm is flexed while the other is curling. And of course switch the curling arm after each rep.

    What do you think about this variation, Jeff?

  2. Wow, Jeff. What a major eye-opener after doing biceps-curls wrong for 35 years. Thanks for the great advice, as always. 👍🏻

  3. Give it a cuple more years and ur still look in great shap no doubt ! But ur getting older and ur Guna not look as appealing. Maybe bulk up
    And change ur body to make things interesting.
    Staying the same is boring.

  4. Hey guys for those who are wodering if it is true it is i tried it several and i felt much more pump when your curl two dumbells at the same time

  5. Mostly everything I do are with dumbells. It's better!!! you can work both sides at once and when you feel you are getting weaker instead of dropping the weights, you can start alternating from left to right, and when you get to the point where you can't lift anymore, than you can do your cheat reps. Don't focus on sets and if you are chasing that burn this will please you. But don't cheat until the very end, and if you can repeat that once or two more times…. Lower the weight if you must, only if you choose to repeat it.

  6. i naturaly done the second version of the bicep curl but i wipl be using the first method so i can engage my core more. thank you man simple but effective. just gotta keep that tention

  7. I never understood the point of alternating bicep curls, neither sitting or standing.
    Maybe it's just me, but I get so much more pump iny my arms by standing up and using my whole upper body – no, not swinging and flailing – focusing on my form and keeping my back straight. Even my abs are extremely pumped and visible after doing curls lol.

  8. I did this change 2 days ago before this vid was out and I have to say this is 100% TRUE. There was a huge difference in the way I felt after doing it like this. Another great and helpful video!

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