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  1. Thanks Jeff! I had never put this kind of attention about these steps, cause it seemed to be a simple exercise with no option for a good or a bad execution

  2. I do this exersice daily, I accually let my abs dominate but as soon as I start feeling a real burn, I let my hips dominate at the very end of the concentric movement (tucked in all the way) so I'm able to exhale all the air and contract as hard as I possibly can before I roll out again. amazing for mind muscle connection, got my abs to the next lvl cause of this.

  3. Can somebody tell me what does strength exercise and strengthen/ing exercise are the same thing? Last question what is workout for mass and the difference between muscle building workout and strength what's the exercise and reps different at? Can I build muscle and strength at the same time?

  4. Jeff I've been doing daily Ab work with the 6 pack promise everyday since you put out the 22 day Ab challenge. My resting tone is amazing! Thank you! Im much improved but as Im gaining size in my lats and chest my core, while resiliant, seems like a hollow by comparison?? Is there a way I can encourage hypertrophy of the abdominals and obliques to feel more proportionate?

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