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  1. You're looking fucking amazing today, Jeff. Been watching since 2015 and you've been one of my most important inspirations for taking control of my life and getting in shape. I did bench presses today and I did 3 full ROM 135 pound reps and then on my fourth I failed to get the bar back to the top rack so I put it on the bottom on. Instead of feeling discouraged, I embraced my failure, dropped the weight back to 125 and crushed at least a dozen more reps, and that idea comes solely from you, Jeff. Keep on being a living legend, buddy!

  2. Jeff, what do you think of incline bench press using a double cable machine? Would this target the upper chest by getting abduction in the movement? Can you do a video? Great channel and videos, thanks.

  3. Damn boii, just tried this one out and must say, wow, it really did the trick and most definitely going to integrate it in my regimen from now on. Very effective yet suttle changes made to improve on an already great exercise. Good job, Sir.

  4. 4:40 Every time i hear someone say they can do those many push ups, and they don't seem advanced athletes…. i immediately know they have never done a single actual push up in their life. Floor fuckers everywhere

  5. Is there any point exercising if your nutrition isn't good. When I say that its not that I eat bad I healthy but just not enough food.

  6. Jeff, please do a video on Olympic Weightlifting and strength and power overall. Some of us are more interested in that than in mass

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