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  1. Hey Jeff just wanted to let you know that you are a very big inspiration to me. I am 24 years old and I have 2 daughters. I have been out of shape for most of my life. I have been watching your videos since day one. My work schedule is crazy but I make no excuses. I have learned to adapt and fit my busy schedule around my training. I really want to purchase your training videos on Athleanx but just can't afford it right now so everyday I hope to see or learn a new exercise from your videos that I can work into my training. I just did your 7 minute ab exercise and my abs are on fire. It's sad to say but I hardly ever train my abs which is why I am starting today at the bottom of my mountain and working my way to the top one step at a time. I took your advise and I really thought hard about why I am doing this. I am training for myself and my children. I am not setting a goal for myself. I am creating a healthy lifestyle for myself. I just have one question for you and I really hope you can answer it. I watched your video on cardio killing gains but I just want to know when should I fit cardio into my training when I am trying to bulk up? I train 3 tims a week and at the end of every session I do 30 minutes of cardio? Should I stop doing that If I want to bulk up and see results or should I keep doing that So I can loose the weight in my stomach and start seeing my abs? Thanks again.

  2. These light weight exercise are perfect ! The shoulder one I've been doing really was helpful and results were clear ! Wish you could have more of this for each part of the body ! Thanks a lots man.

  3. I understand the turning the dumbbells, but i'd be really careful when doing that. A few months ago I wasn't and I smashed my finger because I wasn't controlling the dumbbells properly.

  4. Like so Athlean-X could make a video for getting fat really fast. Because I have a low fat composition and really high metabolism, I weigh 120, and I wanna weigh 140.

  5. I absolutely hate bench pressing, and I found a way to grow my chest by isolating it with dumbbell weight, but I don't have enough fat to turn to muscle so its growing very slowely

  6. Jeff, you are truly a Heaven Sent!!! Thank you for taking the time to teach us with all your knowledge and expertise on working out. You truly are good people!!! I've learned sooooo much from you!! Thank You for being a awesome role model and a blessing for us. God Bless!!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  7. I've been taught along time ago to squeeze the dumbells at the top also . I hardly ever see anyone do that at the gym anymore

  8. I have lifted for years, got one of Jeff's programs and I can tell you, I was sore in many other places. Also what I like about it is the fact that you may be working chest , or arms, but you are also working core, and trying to maintain balance. Love his stuff, one month in.

  9. I've been watching your videos for quite some time and I have tried some of these exercises but none of them seem to work I have dialed down on the food I eat and I I'm trying to get fit and you make a video on how to go from fat to lean

  10. I needed this vid, perfect timing. Jeff im getting a great workout with only dumbbells watching your vids. Seeing some good gains newbie gains they say but im loving it either way. Have lost almost 30lbs without counting a single fucking calorie macro whatever and the pumpkin oatmeal is good, you gotta make your own salsa for the eggs though. I think ima buy your program soon, you sold me. Thanks again for the free vids.

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