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  1. 2 months ago, before I started to do the athlean x program I used to damage myself by doing dips. was wondering why…. now I know. awesome info…

  2. Jeff deserves a lot more followers….everybody lifting should follow him and I'm pretty sure that's a lot more than 3 million people

  3. Just goes to show how important form is. Thank you for the awesome info, I've now realized that I've been doing dips the wrong way the whole time.

  4. In your gymnast strength video you talked about your "plus" where you extended your shoulders downward at the top of the dip. Now you're saying we should be in that position the whole time?

  5. i literally find it very helpful . Past two months , i have been focusing on chest dips and i was wondering why there was so much strain on my shoulders…But now , i get it right!!!

  6. You would think hes on some kind of hardcore stimulant or something. He seems short of breath, and when hes talking alot, his whole body turns red lol

  7. It was a great explanation, realized I've been doing them wrong and why I didn't feel the full ness of the workout. Thank you much Jeff!

  8. If you can't maintain your back/shoulders being pushed down, while doing a dip, does this mean you should use weigh assisted dips? and progress to where you can keep your shoulders/back down?

  9. Exactly the doubt I had about dips(shrugged shoulders) that was the reason I searched it on your channel. Thanks for clearing it up.

  10. love it very helpful i always let me body go down now I get it hold it up straight and lean my body to target the chest like a push up

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