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  1. I have a question Athlean X it maay be inappropriate but do masturbation affect my muscle gain will it make it hard to build muscle? Appreciate any of your answer

  2. Awesome video. I always thought it was genetics that people had to gain a bigger chest. After watching this video I now have a full understanding of what I can do to open my chest to become wider. Thank you very much.

  3. Jeff this video is great because you are explaining very well as you demonstrate the exercise with the lines drawn on your chest and the meaning tape really points out what is taking place and showing the proper machine to use for this demonstration and the proper way to use the machine to for exercising this muscle group. The drawing of the colored lines on your body is very original and very helpful to trainees and viewing audiences. This is a Jeff original because I haven't seen any other fitness models do this. I give you an A+ on this presentation and demonstration. Jeff you really are the best in the fitness industry. I would like for you to do more of this type of demonstrations and topless of course OK Jeff please. Respectfully.

  4. Its not wise to stretch your chest before your workout! its better to do dynamic stretching first, and then finish off with this routine! just a advice for others that dont know about strecthing out, if you do this in the beginning of your workout, you can damage the muscle

  5. please dont retire before 3 years, ima come up there and work out at your gym.. you've helped me a lot. be a honor to meat you man.

  6. The insertion point of the pectoralis minor is at the coracoid process of the scapula. Your drawing has the insertion point near the lesser tuberosity of the humerus. Minor correction, but I thought it would be informal for your subscribers.

  7. I got I problem could you help? my peck muscles are by my collar bone outside of my pecks but none under my nipples or middle part of my chest yet I bench my body weight anyway I can fix this?

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