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  1. What about the one when Obi-Wan cut off Ponda Baba's arm with his lightsaber in the Cantina and there's blood when there shouldn't be blood because lightsabers burn off the blood when cutting off heads and limbs.

  2. You're sitting here getting mad at his movies and yet he's probably just chillin with a net worth of over a billion dollars. Lol keep wasting your breath buddy

  3. Really… you're complaining about dust, light saber reflections and rocks? Also Harrison ford is completely aware he was mouthing carries lines, but I doubt you would've noticed it by simply watching it

  4. Kill yourself… Seriously. If you live to moan about other peoples amazing creations then your just a JEALOUS LITTLE PRICK.

  5. What I never understood in the Star Wars films is whenever a ship does a barrel roll or a vertical loop none of the people or objects within the ship's are effected by the laws of gravity. I mean wouldn't anyone not buckled into a seat or random object not tied down be thrown all around the interior of the ship.

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