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  1. this movie was absolutely terrible
    • it barely even scared me
    • it was completely boring and Bland
    • the constant and pointless jump-scares were a huge problem

    there really isn't much of a good storyline. all this movie was about is a family who moves into a creepy house and "SCARY THINGS" happen, that's it.

    I rate this movie a 3 out of 5

  2. Blair Witch Project.. orriginal one, now that was scarey.. I liked Woman in Black 1.. in this looks like the evil woman stayed evil.. that's generally how life is, the evil tend to stay that way.

  3. Describe this movie with 1 word: Garbage. What an underwhelming and borring asf sequel.
    The first one is (and still is) my #1 favorite horror movie of all time, so ofc I was pretty disappointed after watching this slow-paced, story-confused movie with 90% of it containing poorly done jump scares, and 0% horror compared to the first one….

  4. Don't see this movie it's cheap and low budget they use a lot of cheap CGI and there is literally no scary scenes trust me and take my word for it it is not scary what so ever at all this movie is fucken terrible this trailer is better then the movie so if you wana see it just watch this trailer this trailer is actually better then the movie not a good movie at all just please don't watch it it's a waste of time, if you wana see a good horror movie watch the conjuring 2

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