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  1. Funny thing is, Christopher Plummer is credited here, yet he isn’t credited on the poster. I wonder if he told him to take his name off this.

  2. Kion ( The Lion Guard ) as Bo
    Mayor ( Horton Hears A Who ) as Joseph
    Sally ( Horton Hears A Who ) as Mary
    Blu ( Rio ) as Dave
    Fuli ( The Lion Guard ) as Leah
    Goigoi ( The Lion Guard ) as Zach
    Gidget ( The Secret Life Of Pets ) as Ruth
    Alpha ( Storks ) as Thaddeus
    Beta ( Storks ) as Rufus
    Chole ( The Secret Life Of Pets ) as Edith
    Clover ( All Hail King Julien ) as Abby
    Koto ( All Hail King Julien ) as King Herod
    Melman ( Madagascar ) as Felix
    Marty ( Madagascar ) as Cyrus
    Gloria ( Madagascar ) as Deborah
    Simba ( The Lion King ) as Old Donkey.

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