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  1. This shit was actually really funny. Everyone is jumping on the hater bandwagon. I bet 99 percent havent even seen it yet

  2. Taylor needs to stop getting into ridiculous, RACIST movies that Adam Sandler makes. He had a budding career and that could have been salvaged after Twilight and now it's gone. Now it's completely marred by this upcoming atrocity. This isn't an attractive movie to your resume, Taylor. You claimed find that you have Native American ancestry during the production of Twilight and then bring shame to your roots with this disgusting movie. Get away from Sandler, he's a soulless pit of greed that just spews dirt at everyone else.

  3. I don't know why you guys are hating… I watched this with my family and there were really funny moments ahah
    Adam Sandler is funny and Taylor showed to his fangirls he can act "not-sexy" and still be a good actor

  4. look at this insane quantity of edgy faggots this comment section is cancerous poison if you don't got nothing nice to say choke on some forskin

  5. Wow! A burned-out, has-been comedian (Sandler) and a never-was actor (Lautner). This is bound to be a great movie!!! (Dry heaves)

  6. Holy shit,what the fuck did they do to Taylor Launter,his career is dead.He used to be this tanned,cute muscle man and now he's a complete dumbass with 3 nipples😭😭😭😭😭😭😈😈😈😈😈😈

  7. just a shame that taylor lautner has no comidic talent… actually he has no acting talent either

  8. Ha! Love this movie. Especially Taylor Launter as lill Pete! They look way different. lill Pete " Hey! I got 3 nipples!👅😄

  9. So much people riding on the "I hate Adam Sandler" bandwagon these days. I like Adam Sandler movies. Happy Gilmore is awesome, Waterboy, Mr. Deeds, Click… Jack and Jill i hated, it was just very bad movie. I tried to like but i couldn't. Watched this movie yesterday and i like this, not the best Sandler movie but Ok.

  10. Lautner nails the idiot look here, not sure what the guy dressed up as a bear/dog is supposed to be? And Schneider, wtf is he? Looks interesting.

  11. Rob Schneider just can't play a white person, I guess. He's always browning his face and putting on some weird accent. Har har.

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