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  1. What they did was it was a half and half. Some of the stuff they did in stop motion and the rest in CG. Cause there is some things you can't do irl. Like blocks flying in the air. That they had to do in CG.

    Of course they made the city irl but it's hard to get a camera in such a small space. So they had to make some sceanes with CG. You can't expect for it to be all stop motion with such small figures in such tight spaces.

  2. I'm surprised people thought it was stop motion because usually people assume everything is CGI. There's no way this could have been done any other way, tracking the exploding bricks, the obvious digital elements like moving mouths, etc. This video is a really good watch for people who think CGI is just a simple or easy way to make a movie. It's just another tool.

  3. The 20 percent stopmotion was taken from the winning contest entries that were used in this film also in the credits….

  4. wait, so this is stop motion and animated or just fully animated? because it would be a bummer if it weren't stop motion. :/

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