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  1. 😢😢 he is so old now.
    Sucks that he and jet only did 1 movie together. I was hold jackie jet donny and chow would make a movie together.

  2. Why is hollywood so hell bent on white actors. I mean they could make it realistic and cast brown actors to play terrorists 🙂

  3. A mere coincidence that Liam Neeson announced his retirement from action movies on the same day that this trailer dropped? I don't think so.

  4. Holy crap. I always picture if Bruce Lee had lived longer….this is the man he would have been. Jackie Chan. The best "Original" Kung Fu master.

  5. That's no old man, That's Jackie Chan! But I wonder if he ever wanted a serious action movie like this, Before it's been comedy action with no tension (In the action/American movies) up until now

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