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  1. "Mr. Edison, if you say something about me or my company again, I would advice if you tell the truth

    Thomas Edison: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Cumberbatch but god damn I hate Edison so much. He gets enough credit as is, always being portrayed as a protagonist. He was a money-grubbing parasite.

  3. Lol more Hollywood bullshit, Edison didn't even invent the lightbulb. Some guy in England did, his version wasn't that good tho as the bulbs didn't last long. Edison saw this and just basically improved it so the bulbs lasted longer and then claimed he invented the lightbulb. He stole a lot of other inventions as well. People these days are so brainwashed they will say Edison invented the lightbulb. And Nikola Tesla was murdered because he was on to something that would put every single energy company out of business. This is because he was onto something that would provide clean, free, unlimited energy. That's what Hollywood won't tell you, because all of Hollywood is owned by a certain race that specialises in brainwashing and propaganda, *cough "Jews" *cough. No one will see this comment, you probably think I'm crazy, quite frankly that's a normal response from someone who has been thoroughly brainwashed. Search YouTube for Hitler the greatest story never told do your own research and be woke like me lol.

  4. First Benedict cumberbatch plays a magician who can use sorcery to teleport across the world… now he plays the magician who made the light bulb. And both have the EXACT same American accent!

  5. Oooooh! Interesting. I always thought BC would be perfect to play Tesla, so playing Edison… I'm not sure what to think.

  6. They'll make anything and fill it with so much drama. What next, a film about the first wheel and the evil company man out to destroy him in a fast pace, heart pounding edge of your seat thrill ride because it'll put his square wheels out of business?

  7. This makes Edison look like a good guy, him and Westinghouse were some of the worst people in history, at least they acknowledge Tesla, hopefully the actual movie will portray these guys accurately

  8. general zod went back in time to fight an easier opponent, but little did he know….he's up against doctor strange

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