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  1. weird movie that kind of reminds me of The Look Like People, in its depiction of male bonding, only in this one, the friendship between these men is amplified to the point that it reveals they are all neurotic and subconsciously violent towards eachother

  2. guys there are 2 things I do not understand what was the relationship ty and cris and what mean the turn his hand to his chest

  3. This is actually a pretty good movie. I can see people who like their horror a little more cut-and-dry being put off by it's premise, but I thought it was well done. It asks a lot of questions and never really answers them, but therein lies the fun of a movie like this. Everyone always complains that this sort of approach is lazy or uncreative, but then again if you tried tacking on some sort of big reveal or explanation the whole thing would just fall flat. Yeah, some of the acting wasn't superb, but it was very cleverly written and mostly well done. This is more of a psychological horror than anything, as there are no 'bad guys' or antagonists to speak of. Only the horrors of what the mind can do when bent to a certain degree. Good flick.

  4. If they made soap operas for men, they would be like this. Made for tv, melodramatic, pussified acting. Only way I could give some credit to this film is if the guy who made it was some college student doing his first film.  Just my opinion.

  5. It's true, it is a great horror flick but this trailer isn't all that great. I get what they're trying to do but it missed the mark. Watch the film instead!

  6. Damn it! I do know that feeling Kaniki80 ….wait a min… Kaniki like from Grease?? lol anyways!!! I kind of feel the same and want to take your advice but there are so many mixed reviews on here. iTunes gives it 4 stars based on 31 people who took the time to rate it. I'm always cautious looking through reviews on youtube cause somebody allllways tells me what happens and everyones taste is different so it's never just a straight AWESOME! or TRASH! … think i'll keep browsing for a bit. Thanx

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