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  1. Finally, Hollywood has run out of money to do decent CGI. That Hummel scene was something like from an in-game video, circa  2001. Well, I assume it means that Hollywood will produce watchable movies once again and they'll only use CGI when something is not possible to do with trick-shots. I wouldn't bet my money on this thought though.

  2. i just wondering. If they wanted to create heroes, why the fuck did they start of with turtles? I think the dude making cap America had it right.

    TMNT was cooler when it was an accident spill of chemicals like it was in what i watched. Even FF was dun-

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  4. Yeah im just gonna lie to myself everytime the movie calls itself or indicates its based on TMNT and otherwise just watch the movie like its a completely new concept, but ONLY because there have been too few mindless pure action/CGI films out lately and enjoy it for what it is, an activity i can use to let me brain stop and just relax for a bit. 😀 as long as there isnt too much Explosions in the dumbest places i could enjoy this for the Super long Over the top CGI Action video clip that it is.

  5. a must see for me…ppl dnt like it bcuz of the way they look what a bunch of pussies what u want? a boy band in green psssh

  6. Michael Bay makes crap movies all he cares about is special effects.  I'm sure this movie is gonna suck ass

  7. Best horror movie of the year! 
    Creepy as fuck!
    Those mutated turtles will surely hunt your dreams for months!!!
    WELL FUCKING DONE. *thumbs up

  8. Boo, fuck all you bitches, i cant wait to pay to see this movie(: after THEN i will  (MAYBE) agree to disCredit this movie. i wont judge a movie by its trailer in such an extreme way, like you butt hurt cunts. 
    P.S. Grow up your childhood is over… cheez

  9. All the turtles are CGI not the same as Jim's original Ninja turtles back in 1990.
    Jim said in his sprit. He will say. Oh no people will loss of puppet making when is
    already in CGI. I like the live action movie of the teenage ninja turtles with Megan fox.
    Not the CGI movie of the Ninja turtles movie back in 2007. A month before Transformers in 2007
    I am gonna watch that movie

  10. 1. Megan fox is beautiful but cannot act. 2. The TEENAGE mutant ninja turtles look about 30 on steds. Gonna suck unfortunately x

  11. This was a real surprise. Seems Megan Fox personally apologized to Michael Bay again to get the role.

    Hollywood is a weird place.

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