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  1. Get a good DP, entertaining script and a good trailer editor – some blurbs from infatuated copy-writers – and any actor can turn director. His other films weren't worth watching, but this one looks promising.

  2. Can i get famous for giving a flippdy flap about lyrical songs? Or asking people to check me out in the trailer's channel comments? No? Okay…

  3. "Critics everywhere agree that "Surburbicon is dark, witty, and lovable in all the right ways, says, Alex Billington, of First Showing. "Director George Clooney is a force to be reckoned with", says, Marlow Stern, of The Daily Beast. And Peter Travers, of Rolling Stone magazine says "Oscar Isaac is brilliant". With critics, and audiences alike, "Surburbicon" is this October's #1 movie, which means it'll have a strong sensitive appeal. Matt Damon, Oscar Isaac, Julianne Moore. Surburbicon. Rated R. Starts Friday, October 27 at theaters everywhere."

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