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  1. What I would say if Kate McKinnon wasn't in it: This looks ridiculous.

    What I am saying since Kate McKinnon is in it: This looks ridiculous & I'm going to watch it.

  2. Illana and Zoe feel like they would fit in this kind of movie. Especially Illana, but this trailer doesn't really show her having a huge part in the film.

    Also, this movie has the potential to be laughable and worthwhile to watch bc of its plot, but only if it weren't made with such cheap humor as you can sadly tell from the two minute trailer.

  3. It's funny, I have not heard of this movie until after I've seen the trailer for "Girls".
    Even though it's a little similar, still looks like it could be a good movie

  4. Royse Whitley is more suitable actress for this film, than Scarlett, because Royse is bad and untalented actress, also she is so cheap, that this stupid film is suitable for her.

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  6. A movie about degenerate drug-using drunken alchoholic materialistic beta idiots……………………………….no thanks.

  7. male-stripper tricked Scarjo and her pals by playing dead to runaway from mobs he had debts! Now go to cinemas at June 16 watch this movie and prove me wrong!

  8. So they had written all the Aussie jokes but Rebel Wilson wasn't available, so they just got Kate McKinnon to do the accent.

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