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  1. The premise is ridiculous. How do thousands of these third-world fucks make it across the Pacific, unnoticed? What do they expect to accomplish when they land, other than get shot to pieces by the army, the national guard and redneck militias? How bad is the writer's drug problem?

  2. sooooo…….. north korea invaded america. destroyed the US army. wiped out the american central command.killed all of america's allies. possiblly becoming the N.1 super power on earth. and they cant kill a bunch of random untrained unskilled boys and girls? airstrike? missile strike? tanks? special forces? no?… typical american propaganda……… PS: FUCK YOU AMERICUNTS GO TO HELL

  3. This is funny! I did not know that the North Koreans are modern Western weapons. The North Korean military is a huge number, but the level of military technology the 60s. This invasion is a bullshit story.

  4. LOL! Just like its 1984 version, another total inversion of reality. This is what Americans do all over the world; create mayhem they blame on others. What a totally screwed-up country.

  5. es lo que tienen planeado hacer pero también estará el ISIS y el islam que harán de estados unidos un Terror gris para invadir a estados unidos también para destruir el cristianismo en nombre encubierto de los soviéticos (Rusos) recuerden que los comunistas son ateos ellos en la Unión Soviética Perseguían a los cristianos al igual en corea del norte le seguirá Rusia que han metido muchas bombas nucleares en secreto desde México Y Canadá a estados unidos incluso hay infiltrados rusos (soviéticos) en los medios, inteligencias como la NSA, CIA, incluso hollywood para poder destruir Estados Unidos Por dentro si han leído el libro En los ojos del enemigo del General Lunev sabrán de lo que hablo ahora la propaganda comunista se disfrazo de RT (Russian Today) como un medio "alternativo" en esta película iban a incluir a China pero por razones económicas y obvias no la incluyeron.

  6. I like, how most of the comments are retards stroking their egos and saying, how America is the worst thing on the planet based on this movie ignoring the fact that none of the shit, they say is even valid nor is it correct.

    Stupid edgy comments, at their best to express how much they hate America. Lol

  7. if by any chance korea drops its milion footies on us soil it will burn to the ground cause of theire harsh training 1 north nkorean soldier is like 10 marines excluding spec ops

  8. also Captain Cho should been impressed America instead of killing a bunch of innocent people and I haven't seen the movie cuz I prefer the 1984 RED DAWN movie

  9. They edited the whole movie and replaced the Chinese flags with North Korean ones because Chinese central state newspaper criticized the movie because ya know… And it has costs about a million to edit everything, but you can still hear some of the "North Korean" soldiers speaking Chinese…

  10. Ok 1 North Korea can't cause a blackout for the entire us without being undetected 2. North Korea can't get their planes that close to us airspace without being detected 3. North Korea doesn't have that many planes 4. North Korea isn't that influential to our people 5. 234 million Americans have guns vs the 3 millions North Koreans 6. Did all of the us and her allies get defeated over night 7. How can the weakest country even combined with Russia defeat the strongest and most powerful country in the planet over night

  11. after watching the movie everyone gets nerf guns pretend they are real ones and act like if they were in that situation

  12. It's interesting that everybody loves a movie about American resistance fighters rising up and striking back at the invaders, yet when America unlawfully invades other countries killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and encounters resistance and opposition, we in the Western world tend to brand these people as terrorists and insurgents, and view them as filth that needs to be dispatched to the afterlife. It's sad really.. America's imperialistic and capitalist nature, and it's completely unchallenged superpower status in the modern world, have made what was once a great country into a monster that will never stop trying to expand it's power and influence globally.

  13. Trash. Again a pointless remake. Even the original had problems to explain these moronic story logically. Was no wonder that the remake certainly no interest had to be logical. Only profiteering.

    It is shot, bending down, straightening up again and talk continues as nothing had happened, without knowing whether the shooter has been turned off. And this as experienced and battle-hardened officers and soldiers.

    The Weapons Act is not exacerbated, everyone wants allowed to own a gun, but no one shoots at the soldiers. But are "en masse" weapons found in the forest later.

    Makes you wonder how people can then be shot in the towns …

  14. also north korea cant make guns that don't fall apart in under a minute how do they expect to win, maybe they have one trillion kamikaze pilots with nukes strapped to their planes

  15. I forgot the ending but as soon as one soldier steps on American soil 1 gazillion nuclear missiles would have already hit north korea

  16. Russian made a movie about their sacrificed in the WW2, a propaganda they said.
    Russian lost 27 million citizen in that war they never said.
    American made up a movie in which they are victim of an imagine invade, an epic movie they said.
    American always went invade other countries since 1776 they never said. 
    You think you are genius when you judge other countries by watching American films? think again.

  17. Garbage movie. We all know the yankees will surrender as soon as they run out of toilet paper. And Chris Hemsworth won't be leading a resistance with his perfect haircut. American women unable to find a clean razor to shave their cunts and legs, no soap to wash their smelling asses ? No burger king across the street so they need to cook real food ? I'd give them a week max.

  18. My favourite modern day war movies are: Red Dawn, Children of Men, Afghan Luke, Tomorrow When the War Began, The Show Must Go On and I hope the Hunger Games: Mockingjay will be good.

  19. A fucking stupid movie forever! you think war is a funny game? a group of little kids, without military training, didn't kill anyone before, can fuck the whole company of NK? even stupid kids can take our jobs, so what we do now? sleeping?!

  20. Can't believe that the producers changed the invaders from the Chinese to North Koreans. China is way more plausible.

  21. The invaders in the movie were originally supposed to be Chinese, but because they wanted to access the Chinese box office they changed it to North Korean.

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