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  1. i hope we see the Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, Queen Ans Revenge work together against Salazar I'M SP HIIIIIIIIIIIIPT

  2. Nothing quite like the tough gritty voice of Johnny Cash to accompany a badass pirate movie trailer

  3. (did not read all comments) For a time I've been wondering why Will is in this movie, aside from fanservice. Then it hits me, Salazar is suppossed to be dead, but is one of those who kept alive because Jones wasn't doing his job, Will is fixing Jones old missgoings.

  4. jack sparow hard mision save sea for grave revenge take course kil hangman winn with death hide on sea

  5. Man am so Hype I watched it a 100 times That's how hype I am I really!!!! Hope that Borbalsa Don't die

  6. I have a theory: Salazar's ghost ship at 0:29 looks like a skeletal version of The Flying Dutchman, which is captained by Will Turner to ferry souls who die at sea to the land of the dead… Salazar and his crew died at sea, so maybe they stole the Dutchman away from Captain Turner to return as the undead to get revenge against Jack?!

  7. Remember when the first three movies felt like they were going somewhere? Then the fourth one felt like filler, now it's apparent that they aren't taking this series into any clear direction.

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