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  1. could have been about a girl who runs errands for celebrities who want to avoid paparazzis who then decides to cheat or steal something….wasn't expecting a ghost story especially after that twilight saga😱

  2. 1:01 1:14 1:30 Those Sayings are starting to annoy me so much, They're like the Biggest History Lies. And as We say in Morocco : Who's Praising The Bride ? Her mom.
    I'm sure the Movie's Producers Pay them to Overexagerate.

  3. I clicked cause it said shopper.. I ran into this actress? And what it looks to be a horror movie, seriously Hollywood?

  4. I'm sorry but why do people keep casting her. She's horrible actress and plays the same type of character in all her movies.

  5. kristen stewart is like Nicolas Cage plays only one character. Herself. That said, i would still give it to her hard and long.

  6. It looks like,she thinks that she is still acting for twilight,cause her acting is same/lame…..and my opinion Twilight sucks

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