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  1. I still don't get why Kihong Lee's name is not in the trailer. Even though kihong is less popular than other well known casts, still Minho is a main character of the series. seriously am I the only one who feels uncomfortable?

  2. This movie really sucks shit. Have better to call – memories runners. repeat the same plots over and fcking over. The only stuff exciting in the trailer.

  3. I know they switched a lot of stuff around and changed it as well, but if they kill Minho or something in the last one, I'm gonna be pissed. I just hope they keep all the major people who live and die the same.

  4. I watched the movie already, and I saw the trailer millions of time but i just can' be used to that zombies (._.)…

  5. I´ve alredy see the movie, and it´s awesome. Doesn´t follow the book but I still love the changes they made. (SPOILER ALERT) What is going to happend with Minho? They pick him and he can´t die 🙁

  6. there actually no trials to speak of in this movie. the sexy bitch girl betrays them in the end by calling WKD corporation guys. They take her and the Asian dude. There's these infected things called cranks. they have roots growing out of their heads and some are blind and make a clicking noise. Never in my life have I seen such a blatant rip off of another creature. I'm referring to the clickers from Last of Us. Youl know what I mean when you see it. other than that the movie was a tiny bit better than the original but still I pile of steaming shit. A pure filler is all, no relevant content for the universe it's based it. pure cash grab is all. And remember the main female betrays them all at the end, REMEMBER THAT. thanks.

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