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  1. There seems to be a movie within the movie these days, especially when one derives a message from an assembled trailer that summarizes the meaning of the writers story and actors portrayal of it under the directors choreography of frames in illuminated series.  This Lullaby is a visual song upon the scales of the matrix axis's.   It involves the rise within a tunnel or chimney to the crown or rack.  I reference a NEW age Mandela as Hanuka begins tomorrow.  Now keep in mind that in the Polish language the term RAK means CANCER or the Zodiac.  A "Z" in association with the turned "X" cross and "Y" branching mar root.  So a lullaby is a sirens song home.  During this procession of life we are reminded of the good times as well as the bad.  This is the ups and downs of the Bull trail to the torro voice or this tau tunnel.  The Bull speaks with five letters when plural.  It stands upon two legs of "LL" and wears a T-shirt as a sail from it's mast that reads SUBS.  WHen the sail waves in the wind, seamen say that they can hear the words "Is this – find: Read On" a key IF X marks the spot.

  2. Garret Hedlund is a great actor and not self conscious at all, despite being so good looking! He needs more credit. I don't know about this film though.

  3. I watched it. It was difficult to understand what the father is saying . I thought the plot is great, the direction and script needed some adjustment. The casting is great though. but there are couple of things that must be emphasized: like they could have several flash backs of the nature of relationship of Garret with Amy, where did he see her, how did they evolve and the break-up point. And the relationship of Garret with his sister as they grew up. Also the early diagnosis of the disease the ,first episode and how did Garret storm out, how he lived his life separately away from his parents , did he call them or completely left him? I also thought the story could be in more than just a day. I think it would work if it was made into a book first by Jodi Picoult and then maybe a movie. Why Jodi? because I read and watched "my sister's keeper" and I thought it was great. As a book and as a movie.     

  4. All the things I didn't say to my sweet father,everyday that I stayed with him..I cried almost all the way through it!! And that Angel song was just perfect..Thank you for but such a touching movie together. Garret Hedlund was fabulous! Two thiumbs up! 

  5. What exactly do they say at 0:24, 0:28, 1:16, 1:22, 1:50, 2:18? I don't understand them very well. I desperately need it for translation. Thanks…

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