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  1. 2/10?
    Go watch The Sound of Music ya fuckstick, I bet that's more to your liking.
    I can't wait for Moose Jaws, gonna be awesome.

  2. coming from such a low budget lazy review your opinion doesn't mean much. leave the reviews to the top YouTube guys

  3. Why review something that Smith knew was dog shit.,It was made in the clerks feel low budget but in color. Your right though hardcore Smith fans will go see it but of the ones that hate it or are not impressed still know and realize that Smith knew he was making dog shit. The guy just does not give a crap what you or any other critic says. He makes movies for us his fans and because he likes to. Last time i looked even his dog shit movie will make him more than you me and anyone else on here makes in a year. SO is the real dumb ass

  4. This hot garbage looks like the aids virus fucked a clown car full of dead, overweight, middle-aged, untalented, gay transient hobos. KS needs to be banned from any and all movie sets for life. Even his pot smoking immature fan base thinks this abortion is drivel. For the love of jebus h christo on a Pogo stick wearing a extra small sailor's suit, please just stop.

  5. This guy reviewing this movie is acting like Kevin Smith is looking to make a movie bigger than Gone with the Wind. It's a fun, silly movie. Just calm the fuck down and don't try to make this movie serious. I saw it… It's fun and enjoyable.

  6. "Yoga Hosers is so unstructured, it's maddening" sounds like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This movie sounds brilliant

  7. I saw the movie and met Kevin Smith yesterday 🙂 … I've made a spoiler free review of Yoga Hosers, too – which you can see now in my channel. Snoogins.

  8. Well I saw this at the London Premiere and loved it. The action wasn't great (Kevin Smith doesn't do action) but everything else was business as usual, great dialogue, fun scenes injected with well rounded characters and the morals of Kevin Smith. Oh, and it was very 80's in terms of plot, like Gremlins or Critters. The band scenes reminded me of Bill and Ted. Nothing wrong with that. It's exactly what he was going for.

  9. Red State and Tusk were MASSIVELY underappreciated (especially the brilliance of Michael Parks), this film looks eh….but "Moose Jaws" will redeem his already stellar career!

  10. So, I think that people aren't grasping what Kevin Smith did with this film. He has, on numerous occasions, stated that he has made movies for companies before and he is done with that. Yoga Hosers is a movie he wanted to make and he doesn't care if it flops or is a success. This movie is for him and the small number of people that like his style.

  11. The trailer was so damn funny. You old cranky people need to go take a nap and settle down.

  12. Putting his daughter who can't act in the film? He constantly seems to
    be TRYING to make her famous and give her attention in skimpy outfits on
    social media. Pathetic and a bit disturbing.

  13. Glad I watched this before I (potentially) paid theater price to see it. I like Kevin Smith, but I get pissed when I'm sitting in a movie with a $5 Coke and it sucks.

  14. all these people are hating on a movie they haven't seen I will see it because Why the fuck not i got 2 hrs to spare for a guy who gave me laughs EVERYTIME i see his movies i am counting everything to date tusk to clerks hell i even liked jersey girl he makes money from his pod cast and internet shows. he's not richie rich, rich but i doubt not getting your 10.50 will hurt his feelings I am not defending his action but for all these comments to say its stupid or bad, like saying the present you haven't opened yet isn't what you wanted. Just wait and see bitch!!

  15. Worst thing Smith has ever done? Clearly someone hasn't seen Jersey Girl.

    Nothing could be as bad as that. So I'll give this a shot.

  16. did kevin smith say he's making this movie for douchbag critics like u to love, i don't think so. take a chill pill this wasn't suppose to be the Godfather

  17. I haven't enjoyed a Smith film since Dogma. He's from my area, and I liked him once. But now, it feels like uninspired BS.

  18. So I saw this turd Sundance and it truly is an all time low for Kevin Smith. I could write paragraphs on the terrible script, self indulgent references, 20 year old jokes recycled from CLERKS… but the real problem comes from casting and lack of artistic ethics.
    Love him or hate him, Smith came up from nothing and burst on to the indie movie scene with no prior Hollywood connections. And now he is redefining nepotism by casting his daughter (and Johhny Depps) rather than give an unknown a break he's just "gifting" his daughter a career without any effort on her part. He has betrayed everything that he represented when he was making dynamic films.

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