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  1. Why did it take the Blackwater/CIA 25 minutes to cross the street to come to the aid of Ambassador Stevens? It took them 25 minutes to cross the street because they were already there trying to, at first kidnap him and then kill him.
    Billions of dollars worth of oil on a beautiful coast in Libya just sitting there, Just turn the valve and money. Filthy stinkin rich Texas oilmen cannot stop thinking of this in the day and dreaming of it with what little they can sleep. The CIA in Benghazi were also Mercenaries from a security company called "BlackWater" that is notorious for evil stuff. It was these CIA/Blackwater Mercenaries that were trying to kidnap ambassador Stevens with a motive a to justify Obama losing his election chances for a second term and invade Libya for its oil. (Supply and demand) BlackWater is a Halliburton company (”X” VP of the USA – D. Cheney). Blackwater is a Conglomerate mercenary military. Ambassador Stevens foiled a CIA and Blackwater kidnapping attempt and eventually lost his life for it.
    Evidence; the Ambassador was rescued and taken to the hospital after the CIA/Blackwater agents left the area. In the crowed of men that pull him from his safe room very few weapons can be seen. On the tape of the initial attack on the ambassador's compound there are no shots fired, no background noise of an attack, no bullet casings anywhere. Blackwater is a Conglomerate mercenary military. There were no bullet holes in any of the buildings at the Ambassadors compound. The fires are all set from the inside? There is only one reason to pour diesel fuel into a building and set it on fire and that is to flush out anyone that has barricaded themselves in a room, a safe room. Who sets perfectly good cars on fire?
    Blackwater CIA covering their tracks that’s who.
    Our ex Vice President D. Cheney is not dead. Filthy stinkin rich Texas oilmen do not play two move games. What do you think Filthy stinkin rich Texas oilmen do?
    It is simple math; 2+2 does not equal conspiracy.
    What do all these post say? What is the media constantly saying? How many investigations that leads nowhere but for an intro got to put down Hillary over and over…? Now wait! Now what do you agree with? You agree with FOX news? You agree with the media? You agree with all the investigations that the Republicans put on that amounted to zero? You agree with the Hollywood movie? Do you want a cookie?
    You are not on a CEO’s hook and line you are in the boat.

  2. I'm so happy for him, he finally got out of a shitty office job Scranton and now he's doing a big movie!!! Never give up Jim!!

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