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  1. We've all been waiting so long for this to release, tbh it sucks that it's under these circumstances, but I have no doubt this movie will be good. It's taking place after the 1st one and showing how Trish recovered from her loss and how she wants revenge mwahahaha!

  2. This looks exactly the same as the first two films… Not sure what people are seeing that make them think it looks different.

  3. Well that's the shortest movie trailer I've seen. (Doesn't say it's a teaser so…..) Nonetheless I doubt this will be great, but I hope it's watchable and fun like the other two.

  4. This is why it's one night only

  5. you guys wanna see something funny watch the first movie in the scene where the creeper is making out with the severed head ,read what it says on the billboard behind him

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