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  1. Hey, movies can be entertainment, there's nothing wrong with that. I like entertainment as much as the next guy. And if you think about it, the Harry Potter series is about many things: friendship, growing up, and death, to name a few.

  2. Movies are not a waste of time. No, they're not humans or life conditions, but they can teach us about humans or life conditions. I was using the word "defeat" as a personnification, not literally. I watch several movies every day, because I'm a film critic. And I'd say that in my lifetime, I've watched over several thousand movies. And no, I'm not yanking your chain.

  3. Then you obviously have the attention span of a five-year old. Sorry to put it to you this way, but you obviously seem to have other things to do than take a couple of hours out of your time and watch a movie. Have you ever watched a film in its entirety? When I sit down to watch a movie, I watch it to the bitter end. I hate distractions, I hate interruptions, and I certainly don't turn it off in the first 15 min. Even if the film is terrible. That would mean I would have let a MOVIE defeat me!

  4. Uh…yeah. The problem with that, buddy, is that she can actually ACT, as opposed to the smokin' hot babes like Jessica Alba or Megan Fox I'd imagine you'd prefer in the role. Ugly isn't the problem. She was a wrestler, so yeah, she's butch. And I like her face. Beauty doesn't necessarily equal talent. Remember that.

  5. Are you saying this movie is not crap. It was pure boredom, pointless and plotless. How is it not crap? Its as bad as a bloody Michael Bay film.. And from a director like Steven Soldebergh, I was hugely disappointed

  6. Steven Soderbergh style does suit action films but that is not the same as saying everybody will like them.

    But just because some does not like a film means that it is crap.

  7. @NautyKnight

    You have not got a clue if it has flopped or not.

    The movie sucked in your opinion. You claim it was boring yet the story arc required concentration.

    The film is not a standard Hollywood action flick if that is what you expected it is a Steven Soderbergh production and it is quite clearly his style of film making.

    What did you expect slow motion double hand gun scenes.

  8. @NautyKnight

    That is the most ridicules analysis I have ever heard.

    I suppose you watch a women to stay and home or to work as nurses.

  9. @TheTheprincess1985

    I saw it and thought it was very good.

    Allot better than most of the trash out there that claims to be action films.

    It was refreshing to see an action film that felt realistic.

  10. @gleecastmusicvids
    dude, seriously, I hated the movie so bad… It is like they do not believe in having music in the movie… I did not understand it at all. If anything, the babe near the end of the movie was probably the best actress..

  11. I feel bad for all her enemies in the movie. Facing a skilled badass in a brawl would already be a challenge in itself. Having to face a skilled badass in a brawl WHILE simultaneously, instinctively wanting to bang said skilled badass isn't just a distraction, it's unfair.

  12. @freakman420 Or with the headshot…to the face…minus the gun. (sorry man, not meaning to be disrespectful to your wife, just a joke:))

  13. Ok they make her look so badass in this trailer, but when I realized she was a MMA superstar, I said no wonder. I just hope this is a clever story about betrayal, not another S.A.L.T.

  14. Do you think MMA superstar Gina Carano can handle a leading role in a movie? They certainly surrounded her with an all-star cast as backup…

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