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  1. Dear Martin, I turned this movie off after just a few minutes. Who is in charge of the sound on your film? The interview footage is way too quite and then when the Beatlemania crowd scenes happen they get really loud with the girls screaming. Why can’t you guys just balance the God Dam sound?

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  3. fantastic film, this movie really tell us about every side of george's and it's very interesting to see what george have been up to throughout the years

  4. Really a slap-dash, overlong, confused documentary. Don't get an insight into what made him great as a guitarist or person. I think Scorsese must've given the project to an assistant and didn't direct it himself.

  5. Songlist: (Trailer)

    0:24 – Revolution 9
    0:28 – Blue Jay Way
    0:31 – Revolution 9 (Again)
    0:47 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    1:10 – What Is Life
    1:30 – Here Comes The Sun

  6. I heard "All Things Must Pass" today on Sirius FM, and it took me back to last summer when I decided to check out this DVD set of Living In The Material World. And I tell ya, it had me wanting to see it again.  When I had the DVD's which I rented from Netflix, I kept them for quite awhile. Watched them repeatedly, sometimes just to hear it in the background, as it was relaxing to me/

  7. One of the best documentaries on any subject that has been made. You leave the film feeling optimistic…at least for George! His wife's description of his death is haunting…

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