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  1. Angelina please eat!! You are way too skinny in this movie, it scares me. Youre just a skeleton, please do something before it's too late!

  2. Let me get this straight…. if you want to see the most slow and boring movie in the planet then it's the best option literally!When I saw than brangellina has a new movie I was super excited…. but after actually watching it, it's nothing more than two people drinking,smoking and trying to work things out while they are looking though a hole on their fresh married and happy neighbours!I wish the last brangelina movie was better I'm kinda disappointed 🙁

  3. many called it, this film was the tip of the iceberg. and again, this film is horrid. no pretending that away. awful film.

  4. Just watched this movie and it was kinda bizarre BUT also very realistic and sad. It also portayed mentall illness very well. Both were victims in the relationship and I like that it was such a simple but powerful movie

  5. I fell asleep during the movie. All they seem to do is stare at each other, drink, && hang out on the floor peeking into some Glory hole….

  6. Mr and Mrs Smith was the baby of their relationship, By the Seas is the mummy of their relationship, sucked dry, lifeless.

  7. I just watched this movie on cable this past weekend. Not sure what to say. It started out good but then it took that strange voyeur twist where she is obsessed with watching the young couple next door. Then he found the peek hole and he joined her watching them. I wonder why it took place in the 70's. I thought it was based on a book but it's not. Jolie wrote the movie. Have to assume she wrote it based on her real time relationship with Brad but didn't know it was on thin grounds. I've read that Brad does drink and smoke a lot. The movie was just "there".

  8. This was an awful movie. Awful. I expected so much more from a film from these two. It was a very stupid, boring movie.

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