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  1. Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner was the sole reason this movie sucked ass. The director was so worried about giving him some kind of backstory that everything else didn't matter. Age of Ultron was straight garbage!!

  2. it's a really good movie for lots of kids I like it like there's some new heroes like Scarlet , quicksiler and vition in it but sadly quicksiler died in almost the end and Scarlet and quicksilver are brother and sister it's amazing that vition can carry Thor,s hamer

  3. The trailer is more ominous than the actual movie. Yeah, I will just wait until blu Ray for this. With all the conflicting visions of Joss Whedon and Disney, it will be much better to see the deleted scenes than the actual movie.

  4. I just love the party scene. It shows six Superheroes relaxing, enjoying themselves, just having fun, you know? It's rare to ever see them at ease, being friends, acting like people.

    Sure, the powers and the fights and the ideals and whatnot are awesome, but what I find appealing is when Superheroes show themselves as very humanlike in their interactions.

  5. I think Vision didn't kill Ultron at last. And Ultron will come back in Avenger part2 to help the avengers to fight Thanos. WHY?
    In AOU, Ultron wants to destroy humans because he wants world peace. So, when Thanos invade earth, Ultron thinks that Thanos is the biggest threat to world peace, therefore eliminating Thanos is the means to keep world peace. And Ultron will help avengers.
    I think in part1 of Avengers3, thanos is just too strong to defeat, so Ultron will appear in part2 as a surprise to help the avengers.

  6. just watched this in amazing 3d and i have to say it was amazing if any of you are on the fence about going to see this i urge you to go watch it

  7. I actually did read a comic book or saw an animated movie (I forget which one) where the Hulk was actually able to lift up Thor's hammer completely and throw it at him.

  8. Clint Barton: As soon as you step out that door, Your an Avenger. Scarlet Witch would step out the door, throwing the ball of Magic somewhere. (.-.)

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