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  1. I'm Libyan and I honestly feel ashamed that citizens from MY home country are attacking people who are trying to help. Libya was beautiful 20 years ago, what happened Libya?

  2. ahh Gale from breaking bad is the commander? Lol it's gunna be hard for me to take him seriously. he was so soft in breaking bad smh

  3. İşid's America and continues to use it. You do this by creating the perception with this type of film you can't pass the ball to cover. The killer, terrorist America

  4. You guys should stop invading and bombing other countries. I understand this soldiers are not to blame they were just doing their job but all im saying is maybe stop killing and bombing foreigners and maybe there would not be terrorist attacks and refugee crisis.

  5. Look,I am not an American but I pay my respects to those heroes,who saved whoever they could.Amazing movie and performances!!

  6. «What you do right now, will determine wether we live or die» Such a stupid thing to say to already stressed people. Have them focus on death.. Worst motivational speaker ever

  7. I really wish Steven Spielberg or someone along those lines had directed this movie because Michael Bay has made this ridiculously boring and shit. I feel bad for anyone that died that day (in the real incident) but this movie is absolute trash. Michael Bay should stick to the crap he usually directs.

  8. I have always showed admiration and respect to all service people as well as everyone who puts their live on the line for anyone else. After finally watching the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi , I have new found love for all people in the military.

    The men on that day showed so much heart, patience, dedication, strength and unbelievable resilience – it is beyond words. I say THANK YOU TO THEM a 1000 times over. Once again, I say thank you to all people whom have served and/or still serve in the military, FBI, CIA, NSA, NASA, Secret Service or any other government agency in any compactly and/or as contractors in the military, civil servants, police officers, fire fighters or any other public servant.



  9. what were those cunts doing there in the first place? dont have much to show for with their democracy and the current state of libya do they

  10. went into the movie nervous about a heroic over the top chest thumping Hollywood movie
    left crying whispering to my friend "they got it right."

  11. when Hillery wins and becomes the President I'm 100% sure ima disappear, I made comments about the truth and she holds a grudge no doubt, maybe snowden can put in a good word for me to Putin.. they want snowden dead for telling the truth, my whole childhood was a lie. Columbus discovered America, Washington was the first president, Obama the first black president, I can go on and on.

  12. Hillery Clinton is a cereal killer, the worst is yet to come, she is just getting wormed up, lots of good people will be dieing

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