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  1. Hello Friend!! Very good your channel and your video! Congratulations! I wish every success!
    Your culture and language enchant me! When you have time, visit my channel! In the last video, I made Carrot Cake!
    Thank you! Success! Hugs. #dgtudo

  2. My neighbor growing up use to do every night with a different meat. "Cast iron, cast iron… You gotta have it to fry the meat. It's the only way to be German or get a husband." Looks good. I'd just eat the potatoes with sour cream please. Nice video 🙂

  3. Great job! it looks delicious!!!
    Finally a traditional Wiener Schnitzel recipe online, even the Kartoffelsalat recipe is traditional! Just one tiny comment, where are the Preiselbeeren?

  4. Schnitzel is one my favorite dishes ever. Thanks for the video, and all the other videos you make, they’re always great.

  5. Holy schnitzel that looks mouth watering. ….And a recipe for what looks like German potato salad to boot! A little crumbled bacon in those 'tatters and served warm, WOW.

  6. I love Vienna! Your video's intro bring me back there, I appreciate it! The recipe and video are simply beautiful, as always! P.S.: in Italy we have the "Cotoletta alla Milanese" that is pretty similar to the Wiener Schnitzel 🙂

  7. The new intro was lovely ! Such a nice family you have. I love your videos, the presentation and the food it's just amazing. Nice work !

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