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  1. Hi Jamie, I don't suppose you fancy giving us the recipe for the pizza dough do you mate?? Just asking dude

  2. Hopefully still there when we are next in London, might be a while to get over there (how about opening one in Australia?!).

  3. Looks good, but why the heck are you folding the pizza? Chicago deep dish at Uno's and Dues is the best pizza 😉 Need a knife and fork to eat pizza as my dad says

  4. I'm half starved just looking at it. Gotta head for the kitchen and slap some sauce veg and cheese on a tortilla. Trying to cut carbs.

  5. I love your stuff..But a bit health consious..So cant go behind all these food items..I usually suggest healthy meals with less fat contents..loves cooking especially from reading HUNGRYBUK . COM

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