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  1. You can slow cook both Octopus and Squid braising is a good technique.
    You can also marinate in kiwi fruit for approx 55 mins 1 kiwi for every 6kg so would only use say a 1/4 for 250g.

  2. Great recipe! We will try it next week on our vacation to Sardegna (if I can catch one, of course). tell me, every cook says that squid and octopus should be cooked either very hot and for a short time OR on low temp for a long time. If you cook it hot and for a short time: how long is that actually? How can I tell the fish is cooked perfectly? Cheers! from Germany.

  3. I made this and although I didn't have the right tomatoes, basil or olives I made it with Spanish onion, garlic, capers, red capsicum, tomatoes dried basil and chilies with of course the squid marinated in kiwi fruit and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing!,… wish I could post you a photo of the finished dish

  4. I really enjoy your show on tv, only just found it on youtube. Squid is one of the few fish i can ever catch 😀 this show really makes me want to fish but sadly im way to far from the nearest beach :'(

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