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  1. Just came across your videos and I am so intrigued! I absolutely love them😍😍😍 NEW SUBBIE. Do you guys make your own coconut oil for cooking? If so, can you do a video on how please? Thanks so much

  2. YES INDEED 😃 Thank you 😆 WOOOO JUST BEAUTIFUL 😆 your beautiful and your family so keep eating healthy I love your cooking and again Manny blessing to You 😆

  3. love how you cook 😆😊if you don't mind how old are you and where are you from cause l'm watching your video my favorite thank you and Manny blessing to You 😆

  4. yummy as usual
    I thought u ppl r from India
    cooking style and ingredients are like kerala n konkan areas
    any way nice place and love amma n family

  5. Looks very tasty, for us here, Europe, we are being advised to use coconut milk instead of cows milk or one of the nut or rice milk in fact here coconut milk is slowly becoming most used especially for people with heart problems. Thank you for sharing.

  6. That looks so delicious, I'd love to try this one!! Your mom is always so beautifully dressed, and is amazing with her cooking skills, I just love watching. Thank you for sharing your family with us❤️

  7. Wow! That must have taken your Mom over one hour to cut, peel and chop that winter gourd! That is hard work! But your Mom never once lost her cheerful smile. Mom's are wonderful that way. May I ask a question? When your Mom and Grandma cook, how many people are they preparing the meal for? And are the little girls your sisters or your children? Thank you very much!

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