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  1. สุดยอด กินคนเดียวเลยนะ แบ่งเพื่อนกินบ้างชิ สวยน่ารักจ้า love Tieme LAo 😊😍👍

  2. You didn't took out the intestine, nor even the scales or the spines if there's any. Even in the Caribbean we used to open the fish so we can season it inside/out. This is a great chance to learn new things from other countries. Can you explain why? It doesn't matter the language, we can always use Google translate. 👋

  3. เห็นเธอกินแล้วน่าอร่อยมากน้ำลายใหลเลยเรา👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘

  4. So much different than the western world. We would take out the guts before cooking. And would cut off the head. But it's what makes us different. There is nothing wrong with the way she is eating. She is a beautiful young lady. She would be treated like a princess in the western world if she married the right man. Great video from a beautiful woman.

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