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  1. Can you give me exact measurements and time. Please hurry my wife is looking at me in disbelief and wondering why I am using garbage bags to cook

  2. where ever u are in this world, be it at a camp ground, tailgate, bbq, restaurant, pachanga or jail, food definitely brings us together.

  3. Ex cons on YouTube. I love it. Fuck corporations that don't give jobs to these type of people. This why I love YouTube, get give a chance to anybody to make money. This channel have a steady amount of content and views. So they making decent cash.

  4. I used to work at FCI Fort Worth. I've seen dudes make cheesecakes, burritos, pizzas,etc. It tripped me out. Microwave cooking like I've never seen. There are a lot of wasted genius minds in prison.

  5. petty motherfuckers, really? For someone who's been in you should know what damage a shank made from them can do, why the fuck wouldn't we confiscate them?

  6. Try making this with limited tools. It's amazing that stuff we take for granted or throw away is considered a valuable item up in prison such as a can lid.

  7. Shit that pizza look good ! ☺ daam I can imagin eating that in prison. You'd be in heaven in that moment… 👍🏼💪

  8. great video. but when i got out i couldn't touch prison hook ups it was to much better food out on the streets but this was still a great video with great information

  9. Oy vey goyim, believe this Race-mixing zionist j$w-loving woman!!!!
    (Race-mixing destroyes Genes)

    (jews also come from anti-immigration politics)

    the left wing and the right wing, belong to the same ((bird!))

    j$ws have put us into "globalists" (left wing) and "nationalists" (right wing)
    , they call us LEFT and RIGHT
    bcs of -> "Divide and Conquer"

    j$ws want Christian vs muslim – war

    terrorist groups + mass-immigration is used for ->
    + "Greater Israel project"
    + NWO

    Notice how these "right winger"/anti-immigration POPULAR youtubers NEVER mention the
    J$WISH INFLUENCE and CONTROL?!?! but always anti-muslim or anti-immigration and blaming them;


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