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  1. i just finished watching the video. i like how he prepared the paku and pinacbet. it would have been nice to see the final outcome of whole baked stuffed uhu.

    where did he purchase his cooking tools (wok, wok burner, paddle, etc?) are the woks 22-in or larger?

    the man is full of aloha and genuine goodness. nice to see someone representing the 808.

  2. My uncle juan worked for him for a while he said he was the best person he ever worked with and he learned so much from this man

    it will be necessary to every coooookeeeeer

  4. I would love to Ride my Harley Davidson motor Cycle that I had in Doha Qatar in Hawaii, Either the Harley Davidson Soft Tail Springer or The Harley Davidson V-Rod

  5. Big fan of you bro, ever since seeing you complete the first time on Top Chef. I guess I'm bias, but you should taken it home on Top Chef. Well, continued success with your restaurant and on whatever you set your mind to, mabuhay.

  6. Love your story, Sheldon. This reminds me of my family. Thanks for representing Filipinos in America. Mabuhay to all, from Chicago.

  7. Sheldon shows his festivity on feast with freshest produce around paradise and about to near his claim on contest finally or watching on "TopChef" !

  8. Sheldon! I want to cook with you! What an amazing trip it would be to spend part of a week cooking with your family and hearing their stories… @ulamfilipinocuisine
    Vancouver, BC, Canada. Seriously!

  9. OMG he's using really traditional Filipino ingredients! Which part of the Philippines were his parents from? The fern shoots, the turmeric leaves, we use those for cooking! The fern shoots we usually cook as a vegetable and sometimes blanch and make it into a salad. The turmeric leaves we usually use for cooking pork stew and sometimes use it to wrap food we steam or grill.

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