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  1. Wow, they make that creepy crawly thing look so yummy! Btw, what is that long green thing that person was using to put the butter on it?

  2. TBH! THAT not event fresh. I can say this because I'm Thai and I know that those lobsters that were shown in the previous sence was already DEAD at least 3-4 days ago before the fishmonger place them in the menu. PRETTY BAD ISN'T IT. 🙁🙁☹☹

  3. All those lobsters are dead? The first thing I learned is not to cook/eat dead lobster. They are only good for up to two hours after they die.

  4. โลหนึ่งก็ประมาณ50-60บาทกินทุกวันเลยจนเบื่อแล้ว

  5. 2600bart???? 1Kg = 1300 bart??? over priced …
    ordinary educated(university graduated) people's monthly salary of Thailand is 15,000 ~ 25,000 bart.
    2,600… bart for one lobster??? that is 10~20% of there salary… and those lobsters are"rainbow lobsters" … very cheap and typical… when you go buffet restaurant serves lobster, that is same kind of lobster what you have

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