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  1. Know how else you know you're in Tennessee? When they dopey hillbilly takes issue with "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" which only targets "GOOD CHRISTIANS" like himself.

  2. Jack can you please show how you entered in card number to where we can see it? You pulled phone away when entering # and it would be nice to see how you done it. (I promise I won't go on eBay with it) 😂😂😂😂

  3. Jack,
    Sam's Club is amazing! I love buying my cleaning supplies here! Keep up the good work with your videos and keep Florida/Georgia in your prayers. The rain and wind here in Georgia is getting crazy! ❤

  4. tried this awhile ago. wifi in the store was crappy so we couldn't scan all our items. had to go to the cashier anyway. thanks for the demo, though.

  5. I never use self check out – it's a no go that I have to do their work without getting a huge discount. So in the long run using this will destroy a lot of jobs because you are "in a hurry" and willing to work for free…We have this problem for years now in Germany.

  6. All those items I'm sure you could buy on special at your local store in smaller quantities . You don't need 100 lbs of cold cuts. Only forces you to eat the whole box prior to the expiry date.

  7. Hey jack I'm sure it's no big deal but when Tammy was showing us the receipt it showed your sams club card number

  8. Great video Jack. I downloaded the app bur haven't used it yet. I'm in Florida and just spent the day boarding up my house and placing sandbags around it and hunkering down, Wish us luck.

  9. Oh man!!!! I love my Sams scan and go. Use it every single time. Been using it for a long long time. Can't wait to watch and see what you think…….

  10. I think the concept is cool and its similar to what amazon is trying to do. They are trying to set it up where you just walk into the store get your stuff and walk out and its all billed to your amazon account and you dont have to stop anywhere.

  11. Used it twice already. Love it. The credit card scanner didn't work for me either. Rest works very good. Btw, I'm using Android.

  12. Like others who have reported, I've used the app for several months and it works great. We didn't a problem scanning the card as you did though. That worked just fine too.

  13. Have been using the app for about a year. Absolutely love it. It is so awesome for those trips where you just need a few things and don't have to wait in long lines.

  14. Jack that's cool but from someone that has family members that work at wal-mart / sam's club, can tell you it is just another way they screw over there employees…
    by using the app or self check out you are taking away a job from someone that has a family to feed & bills to pay just like you do.
    Plus your doing the job of cashier for them for free…
    Self check out, app check out etc… it is all taking away jobs from "People" that need them the most.

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