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  1. My neighbor Glen fixed my lawn mower so I'm gonna use this recipe, throw in some weed and send them over as thank you. Gonna let the weed be a surprise.

  2. Frankly, there are not nearly enough Tammy videos. Tammy needs a cooking show on The Food Network, but I believe they are beneath her skill level.

  3. "Most recipes calls for just two.. uh, that's stupid. I don't play that shit."
    Lmao.. me neither Tammy! I bake all the time and I always throw in some extra butter. 😉

  4. YEAAAS I HAVE BEEN WAITING WITH ABATED BREATH 4 ANY VIDEO WITH TTT!!!!! I'm putting on my headphones and, HELL, I'M MORE EXCITED THAN CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! Chelcie,, sorry for being cheesy but, u bring awesomeness in2 this sad world. What the word 4 that? MAJESTIC!! LOVE U [email protected]

  5. When I'm having a bad day, I just think, "What would Tammy do"? And I'm instantly in a better mood lol I literally watch your videos all the time 😂😂😂😂 so thank you for being funny AF lol 😄

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