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  1. "It's bled all over the board!!!!! It's burnt on the outside and in the middle it's FUCKING RRRRAAAAAAAAAAW!!!! DONKEY!!!"

  2. I feel sorry for your cameraman who has to watch you cook all these great meals. This meal was great I had a lot of fun making it and it was very worth while learning, thank you!

  3. i asked this on DJ BBQ's channel earlier today so eventually someone will get back to me, but what is the difference between passata and tomato sauce?

  4. Love how colorful and messy (in good meaning )your kitchen is , direct opposite of mine 🙂
    Loved the demo, quick , simple and tasty looking as always!

  5. This looks absolutely phenomenal. I'm from Louisiana, and calling it cajun is a bit of a stretch if you aren't using cayenne, but I'll forgive you. Those beans……omg.

  6. I'm Cajun and I've made steak very similar to this many times, although we almost always add some cayenne pepper to our steaks, not always though. Garlic powder is also common but not essential. Most Cajuns wouldn't use a nonstick pan for steaks. Cast iron is the way to go. That said, whatever works is fair game. Nice video.

  7. Certainly nothing close to American baked beans, more like refried beans. Molasses is always a given as well as brown sugar. I always appreciate your video's. Thank you. ChefMike

  8. rebel tip ya'll …. HP no ,,, organic molasses YES ! WHERE'S THE GREENS MAN ??? now that was what I was waiting for … pot liquor ? prolly not …. we dont pan fry meat … down here in cajin cowntry ,, cheers n all

  9. Its so easy to do all of that..But you have to buy this and that and this and a bit of that and more of these, then get these fresh of these and then that some salt, pepper and then that and this…

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